An agricultural and wellness healing center Meru's Moon aims to provide the strength, guidance and inspiration for our local hamlet cultivating courage and radiance  through Dharma Yoga, Agricultural Supported Community and herbal medicinals.

Welcome to our sanctuary we've been expecting you! Experience the divine, the opportunity to heal through the Science of Yoga.

Meru's Moon farm & homestead offers daily Dharma Mittra Yoga practice and produces added goods such as specialty vegan, raw, organic juices and teas, herbal wines and beers, sprouted grains, gluten free tinctures, salves, elixers, essences, syrups, and medicinal drinks. It is our goal to offer the most nutrient rich products as possible.

The farm is a integrated system of predominately perennial plants grown in polycultures. Surrounding the farms hedgerows lush wildflower meadows with patches of annual production. A clairvoyant and peaceful space indeed. There are 5 acres of over 150 flower varieties that produce a thriving ecosystem of birds and bees. We will be establishing shrubs and trees including paw-paws, elderberries, persimmons with gooseberrys, apples, cedar as well as a culinary herbaceous ground layer in the near future. Meru’s Moon works directly with some wholesale orders but will primarily be focused on offering Agricultural Supported Community {ASC} members & animals alike a healing sanctuary in the heart of Western Maine.

In Summer of 2020 we will be working with Stellar Organic to obtain Stellar Organic Certification for our new bio-intensive farm set in Uxbridge, MA.

What does Meru's Moon mean?

Meru {may-rue} is an ancient legend of the Divine, said to be a mountain of gold at the center of the earth and our hearts, from which all things rotate.  The crescent moon and white drop represent the ultimate source from which all things manifest and all things return. It belongs to the transcendental plane of truth and also to the casual body, awakening with the sound of Om.  The phases of the moon are tied to the endocrine, emotional and mental fluctuations of human beings, plants, and animals. The seat of your crescent moon, or bindhu, is located at the top of the head.