Healing Through Sound Vibrations

Nada Yoga Chakra Purification + The Subtle Anatomy

There are 7 major chakras that serve as whirling psychic centers of consciousness in The Science of Yoga. Chakra means wheal. They are energy centers that exist at each space where our Nadis, 72,000 energy channels, connect and hold various states or stages of consciousness and intelligence.

The three Nadis of primary importance are Sushumna {middle, central spinal cord, the highway to the divine within}, Ida {left nostril associated with moon, negative, cool + Parasympathetic Nervous System}, and Pingala {associated with the right nostril, sun, positive, heat, and Sympathetic Nervous System}. 

Through practices of Meditation,  Pranayama- drawing in breath to the chakras and maintaining it there, Isvara Pranidahana- surrendering to the Lord, and Tapasya- purification of the heart, consciousness of each Chakra will be raised and ultimately maintained at the Sixth Chakra . Only then will it remain permanently acquired in Divine Perception.

The Chakra's are also very tied to our foods. Food must be purified through giving thanks over every meal and gradually change your diet by replacing any non-vegetables with more and more fresh vegetables, raw nuts and fresh fruit.

Sit up nice and tall during the Chakra Purification Practices. Begin with chanting "Om" three times and if you have a Sage smug stick available use it to help purify the space.

Healing With Sound

Starting at the Root Chakra, Muladhara at the base of the spine. The element is Earth. Visualize yourself in a square yellow room with no ceiling. The walls are yellow with a square opened window in each. On the center of the floor there is a red triangle. Inside of the red triangle there is a single black dot, a Bindhu.

The sound is Lam. Chant the sound of Lam loud and with your full voice, over and over again.                   

Lam Lam Lam Lam Lam Lam Lam...

Imagine radiant rainbows of light swirling upwards counter-clockwise from the black dot. Up comes a blue quartz gingham and there in front of it sits Lord Ganesha. He is dressed in a yellow garb, a white elephants head on a red child's body. White jasmine flowers surround his neck. Lord Ganesha is reaching into a basket and lifting handfuls of red rose petals and laying them down in front of the Lingham into the triangle. Repeatedly sing the mantra for purification becoming louder and louder to generate heat:

Ganesha Namah Om, Ganesha Namaha Om, Ganesha Namah, Om, Jai Jai Ganesha. 

The second Chakra is Svadhishthana, below the navel. The element is Water. Imagine yourself standing out onto a dark blue lake. There is a white crescent moon hanging over it.  

The Bija sound is Vam.   Vam Vam Vam Vam Vam Vam Vam.... 

Black Kali Ma is sitting on the crescent with light emanating from her Yoni. A crescent sword is held in her raised, right hand. She holds the heads of politicians, and your head is held in her left hand.

Om Mahakali. Om Ma-ha-kali. / Jai Jai Ma, Kali Ma . 

Your walking through the ancient stone roads of  the holy city of Varanasi in India where sages throughout time have passed. Your walking towards the Ganga river for your morning bath.  Around you families are gathered in processions to send off their deceased loved ones. 

The Bija sound is Ram.   Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram...

You step into the holy blue Ganga with the sun rising over the water. Standing in the cold water at your navel, the Manipura Chakra + the fire element, you hold a dark blue bowl onto the water. 

Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare Hare / Sita- Ram, Sita- Ram, Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram, Ram Ram...

The Anahata Heart Chakra is a smokey grey six pointed star in a circle now with 12 deep red petals. At the fourth level one begins to transcend the ordinary human emotions and acts with pure resolve and with conscience. Ordinary love is constantly being transformed into compassion, and it purifies the mind and heart increasing spiritual perception.

The Bija is Yam. Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam Yam.

Visualize a deep, dark green field at night , blades of grasses dancing in the breeze. Peacocks and a spotted deer fawn graze peacefully near. A silver star radiates light onto you from above, it is Lord Krishna. 

Sri Krishna Govinda Hare Murare, He Natha Narayana Vasudeva. Hey Govinda, Hare Murare, He Natha Narayana Vasudeva. ...

You are standing on the top of Mount Kilash high in the Himalayas, the home of Lord Shiva. The air is cool and crisp. You are over looking a crystal clear blue lake settled in a basin, the full moon resting just above it. 

The Bija is Ham. Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham. 

The blue skinned cosmic dancer, Lord Shiva appears in front of the moon, a snow white halo surrounding his head. Half of his matted curls sit twisted in a shell atop his head separated by his third eye, the Ajna Chakra. Beneath him are two indigo lotus flower petals.

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Om Namaha.... 

As we chant to Lord Shiva a stream of white light flows out from the crescent moon on the crown of his head. The Amrita and flows downward like a silk ribbon. Kali has now risen from the blue Ganga river to the seat of your heart and transformed into the most beautiful women you have ever seen, the divine mother holds a golden bowl filled with countless red petals.

The Bija is Om. Om Om Om Om Om Om Om.

Amrita flows down from Lord Shiva into the Divine Mothers bowl where the red sun of the Divine Mother merge. Brilliant rays of white pure light- the light of pure consciousness. The Crown Chakra, Sahasrara.

Om Namah Shivaya.